Thursday, September 28th

12:30PM  Windle Grissett
Breezy Jazz Club

1:30PM  Vernetta Borden
I Cook For You

2:30PM  Chris Cooper
Hamburger Mary's Pub House

3:30PM  Donna Damiano
Amaretti Desserts

4:30PM Dwayne Beliakoff
The Bread & Board

Friday, September 29th

12:30PM   Clay Murphy
Sonny's BBQ

1:30PM      I Know Jax
Chef TBD

2:30PM      Rosaria Cammarata
This Chick Can Cook

3:30PM      Dennis Chan
Blue Bamboo Asian Kitchen

4:30PM       I Know Jax
Chef TBD

5:30PM       I Know Jax
Chef TBD

Saturday, September 30th

11:30AM   Laura Morey
Simple Solutions Diva

12:30PM   Chris Cooper

Hamburger Mary's Pub House

1:30PM      Michelle McInnis
Sweet Spot Lounge

2:30PM      Niki Brunson
Celebs Kitchen

3:30PM     Chef Amadeus
Extreme Food Fights

4:30PM     Roderick Smith
Jax Diner

5:30PM     Vernetta Borden
Ronald McDonald House

Sunday, October 1st

11:30AM   Hank Watson

12:30PM   Amy McDaniel

The Golden Bakery

1:30PM      Cassie Romines
Spliff's Gastropub

2:30PM      Eva LaRosa
Greek Street Cafe

3:30PM     Arielle Coutou
Tapa That Catering by Arielle